3D & 2D Animation of Medical Devices and Products

3D videos for the illustration of medical devices as well as internal and external medical procedures, promotional videos production, training and capital raising.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Videos

Virtual visualization and illustration of biological, physiological and chemical processes in the human body system. Videos simulating drug mode of action

Video Productions of Medical and Aesthetics Procedures

Production of promotional and medical devices training videos, Video shoot and copywriting combined with graphics, animation and sound. Production of unique videos for investors, exhibitions and conferences.

Training and Marketing Systems

Interactive media and graphic presentations. Planning training and marketing outlines, creating video clips for healthcare staff, doctors, nurses, distributors, patients and a variety of customers.

  • Professionalism

    Virtual Point has gained extensive experience in over 20 years activity in various areas of medicine and biotech, including, among others, illustration of drug activity , medical product, endoscopic minimal invasive procedure, cardiology, vascular, aortic valve, mitral valve, orthopedic, ophthalmology, digestive system, stent, lungs, teeth, brain, nervous system, urology, obesity, hair removal, Lipolysis and more.

  • Success

    Have an Idea for a medical product?
    Need investment in your start-up?
    Participating in a conference or exhibition?
    Looking for interactive training?
    Join hundreds of satisfied customers

  • Quality

    Unique and joint work process with the company's customers, precision of medical and technical details and terminology, uncompromising compliance with international standards.

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