Virtual-Point is the leading company in Israel that specializes in the production of medical animation, promotional video-clips and medical training videos with uncompromised scientific precision and creative excellence.

For nearly 20 years of activity, Virtual-Point has created a variety of high quality 3D animations and promotional videos for many leading companies in their fields, among them: medical start-ups, Biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Virtual-Point provides customized and comprehensive solutions to its various customers, starting from a full understanding of the customer’s specialty domain and a full understanding of the message to convey, along with professional guidance in each of the project stages, from the creative’s concept, through content writing, graphic design, photography, video and stills, to animation, editing and sound integration up to the full completion and visualization of the project.

Company’s Services

  • Company Image videos
  • Training videos
  • Technical simulations of medical product/devices
  • Medical animation and visualization videos
  • Video-clips and Stills production
  • Videos for investors recruitment purposes
  • videos for exhibitions and conferences
  • Videos for visitors centers, museums and entertainment
  • Interactive media and presentations
  • Web sitesdesign & development

Foundation Stones 

Virtual-Point aims to lead the field of promotional videos and animations production for the Medical and Biotech industries. An integral part of the success of Virtual-Point is its professional expert team, reputed for its extensive knowledge, experience and creativity both in the medical field and in innovative, advanced technologies which enables the production of 3D medical animation at its highest level.

Video production, medical animation production, 3D and interactive presentations are high-presence marketing tools for a variety of purposes including: investors’ engagement, capital raising, investment, exhibitions, conferences, medical product training and more. The process is built and tailored to the target audience and the customer’s needs.

Virtual-Point holds essential and competitive advantages for the success of the project:

  • Successful and proven track record of life sciences projects
  • Adapting graphics and creative, producing convincing and engaging presentations that convey a clear, focused and understandable message
  • Profound understanding of life sciences’ terminology.
  • Professional support of a leading, highly experienced and reputed team.
  • Scientific precision
  • Creativity, ingenuity and vision
  • A combination of technological expertise and creativity that leaves an impression on the viewers and captures the interest of the target audience.

Your image is our success!

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