Medical animations

Medical animations are short educational films that demonstrate, in a realistic manner, the medical and physiologic processes in the human body. These types of animations provide a visualization of the most complex or simple internal body functions and enable the viewer to see and understand the most intricate anatomical structures and processes that occur in the human body.

They show the viewer what the naked eye is unable to see and convey complex information in considerably less time.

Through such animations, it is possible to simulate the workings of a medical device, the internal mechanism of action of a drug,medical animations demonstrate surgical procedures and more. Those animations cover many fields in the health sector such as Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Medical Devices operation and more. They have become a necessity for the scientific sector and the healthcare industry.

Medical Animations – benifts

Medical animations are produced for training healthcare personnel and students, for promoting a medical product, a home environment instructional tool for patients, promotional clips for exhibitions and conferences, presentations for investors, museums, visitors’ centers, etc.

A professional clip can contain background music, narration, voice-over. 3D animations, live video footage – all of which enhance the experience of the viewer. These are eye-catching motions combined with visual effects, are impressive and engaging the viewers therefore they represent a most effective tool for promotional purposes.

Research shows that integrating medical animations in the study of medicine, brings a positive learning effect on students since they are able to better visualize information and medical processes,  thus motivating students to better understand complex anatomical structures.

Virtual-Point is a company that specializes in medical animations; the company uses the best and most innovative technologies, employs highly creative and talented staff and gained a vast knowledge in the field of medicine throughout its 20 years of activities.

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