Medical device animation

How medical devices work? How can they be demonstrated in a way that will easily explain the mechanism and advantages of the device?  Medical Device Animation is the most accurate, realistic and easiest way to do just that.

A virtual display of a particular medical device, allows the viewer to explore and become familiar with the productin every layer, above and below the surface. It describes in detail the step-by-step operation of the device, its medical purpose and benefits for the patient’s health and well being.

Mmedical device animation uses

Medical device animation can be used for many purposes, among them, the launch a new medical product, training for healthcare personnel, as tutorial for patients for home environment usage, in conferences etc. and allows the customers and patients to explore and implement the device independently, without the help of the company’s representative.Medical device animation

A medical device animation communicates to different audiences the problem and the solution. Virtual-Point, a leading company that specializes in all kinds of medical animations, produces many device animations for different purposes such as the demonstration of laser hair removal, Lipolysis, glucose testing devices, relieving back pain device, surgical procedures and so much more.

Once the concept is consolidated, the company characterizes the product advantages, its operation and market competition. The entire production process will be created by first-rate professional and creative staff using the latest state-of-the-art technologies.  They will create realistic medical and scientific modeling, exact 3D replicas that display the internal mechanism.  The medical device animation is so realistic that the textures of the device’s materials are almost tangible (metal, plastic, rubber etc,) the device rotates and displays each facet and every layer.

The animations demonstrate top quality visuals of manufactured products, complex or simple in a way that no other kind of media can.


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