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Is it possible to produce only an animation or only a video?

Definitely Yes. We adapt our services according to the customer's requirements and to its specific needs.

How do you incorporate the medical information in a professional manner?

company and staff have an experience of 20 years in the field, during which we have acquired information and knowledge. Over the years, we accompanied and guided many diverse projects in the field of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medicine. All along the way, we took great care to consult with specialists who have contributed to our professionalism.

I have an idea but I don’t have a product, can you produce a clip based on the idea?

Of course. At the meeting we will get from you from you sketches, descriptions and explanations and according to this input, we will prepare 3D models for your future product. the clip enables you to introduce and market your future product in the most professional and proper way.

Is it possible to integrate a clip in a Power Point presentation?

Formats can be adapted as needed, for a Power Point presentation, YouTube and more. Our company ensures that the digital format is prepared in the highest quality and according to the needs that you define.

I have a product in SOLID software, does it help?

Definitely Yes. Our 3D softwares work with the format of the existing product in order to create the film.

Do you produce stills and videos?

Definitely Yes. If you have a video, we can incorporate it in the production process and, if necessary, we are set to perform a variety of shots including, among others, product photography - inside or outside the studio, filming in operating rooms and company image clips and photography. We provide a comprehensive service for video and stills productions executed by an experienced staff in the medical, scientific and biotechnology fields, using state-of-the-art equipment

How long does it take to produce a video?

The production of a video lasts an average of one month to three months, depending on the scope of the requested work During the production we will go through various stages, such as set a briefing meeting in which we match our expectations, we will conduct a research and formulate the concept, collect graphic materials, design the graphical concept, incorporate sound and animations, and prepare top quality viewable formats.

What is the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation?

2D animation shows a schematic and illustrated image compared with 3D animation that shows  a variety of angles and demonstrates a process more clearly and more impressively

Do I need to provide you a finished script?

Not necessarily. If you have a script we will carry out according to it. At the same time, we are able and prepared to write the entire script in the best and professional manner

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