• Medical animation and Demonstration videos

    The experience and reputation that Virtual-Point gained for over 20 years enables the company to produce high quality 3D medical animation, aesthetic as well as biotechnological procedures videos that demonstrate the product or the process and are designed to capture and maintain the viewer's interest.
    A virtual display of a particular medical device / product, allows the viewer to explore and become familiar with the product in every layer, above and below the surface, in a way that demonstrates its usage and benefits.
    Virtual-Point produced a wide variety of animated videos in the medical, science and Biotech fields.
    Do not compromise for less than the best!

  • Promotional and marketing videos

    Virtual-Point promotional videos-clips are an effective tool for exposing your product or service and promoting it among potential clients and investors. A promotional video will outline, visually, the customer's activities and products for the medical, scientific and biotech markets alike, as per the customer requirements.

  • Training videos

    Virtual-Point Instructional videos demonstrate in a simple and interesting manner, the operation of devices, step-by-step medical procedures and more.
    Virtual-Point training videos are produced and designed to facilitate audience understanding and create an effective learning of the usage, operation and benefits of a device/product and medical procedures.
    Virtual-Point training videos demonstrate in a virtual manner a range of procedures and devices such as:
    Device for laser hair removal, surgical procedure, Lipolysis, glucose testing devices etc. the video clip allows the viewer to explore and implement your product without the help of the company's representatives. Training video production incorporates a variety of media: among them: video photography narration, animation, charts, explanations, diagrams, and much more.

  • Product and device videos

    Virtual-Point has the ability to introduce products in the most impressive and effective manner. During film production, we characterize the product advantages, its operation, market competition and demonstrate medical and scientific procedures using the product/device. Once the concept is consolidated, the entire production process will be created and facilitated by first-rate staff and innovative, advanced technology.
    Virtual-Point product videos enable you to create a dialogue and working relationships with clients, colleagues and investors alike

  • Production of stills and videos

    Virtual-Point provides a comprehensive service for video and stills production using innovative, advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of an experienced, highly reputed staff in the field of medical, science and biotechnology industries.
    Over the years, Virtual-Point gained substantial filming experience in hospitals, operating rooms and laboratories as well as interviews and promotional filming for various companies. Virtual-Point's studio produces a wide variety of projects, ranging from filming the product and its operation - to complex productions that include an entire professional "cast".

  • Videos for investors

    From the moment you meet the investors, you have only a few minutes to convince them why they should invest in your venture. So how is it possible to raise substantial capital in several minutes? Focused, concise and professional videos convey a clear, schematic and captivating intended message about your business, products and services. The videos are designed to seize the attention and generate interest of the investors.

  • Videos for exhibition and conferences

    Virtual-Point produces high quality, interesting, creative, eye-catching and original video-clips for conferences and exhibitions. Virtual-Point's impressive and creative clips grab the audience's attention and attract the exhibition's passers-by to your booth and demos

  • Videos for Visitor centers, movies, museums and entertainment

    Virtual-Point produces experiential Science World movies for you.
    The company demonstrates and visualizes virtual worlds using 3D techniques and effects that immerse the viewer in a realistic intriguing and experiential world. Virtual-Point creates three-dimensional movies using 3D glasses and 3D screens that enhance viewers' experience.

  • Presentations and Interactive

    Using a professional quality presentation is a key-tool to convey your business' activity, product or service for any request and purpose. Presentations and Interactive will serve the company and its products in the most professional manner for a product launch, technical explanation, internal organizational performance, pitch for investors, tutorials and more. Virtual-Point has a rich experience and proven effectiveness in designing and building presentations that combine images, interviews, narration, 3D animation and video clips. The company designs and produces a variety of presentations types such as
    Power Point, Flash etc - all tailored and customized according to the customer's requirement and budget.

  • Websites

    Virtual-Point supports its customers and builds them a winning concept on the Internet. Professional staff accompanies clients from the requirements' definition through the Visual concept and up to the upload of the site and promotion.

A professional and quality production promotes the product and the company.

Virtual-Point would love to meet you and accompany you every step of the way and in all phases of the project.

Contact us and we will call you back, free of charge and without obligation.
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